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We have been liaising with the Tournament of Knights company and have been offered some reduced price tickets for a special Autism Friendly production of 'Happy Ever After' - a pantomine on horseback!  Before we commit to this - we need your feedback.


Please can you take some time to read the below and let us know if you would be interested in going.


Firstly - some basics...



'Happy Ever After' - the chance to see some of the UK's most skilled horsemen and women in a production like no other and the only equestrian pantomime running in the UK this year.  Based on the fairy tale of Cinderella, it's a mixture of traditional equestrian skills and sport in authentic medieval dress, mixed with a twist of modern displays of equestrian skill and fantasy.



Monday 2nd January 2017 at 1pm



Warren Farm, Formby, Lancashire



1 hour 45 minutes with a 20 minute interval



Large heated arena with 500 individual seats



The organiser's press release reads...


Happy Ever After offers the chance to see some of the United Kingdoms' most skilled horsemen and women in the Tournament of Knights spectacular equestrian production of "Happy Ever After".

The Happy Ever After is production like no other and is the only equestrian pantomime running in the UK this year.

Based on the age old fairy tale Cinderella, Tournament of Knights are proud to showcase a mixture of traditional equestrian skills and sports in authentic medieval dress, mixed with a twist of modern displays of equestrian skill and fantasy.

Our shows have left audiences spellbound throughout the world and we guarantee to give your audience an experience they will never forget.

This year our Actors, Horsemen, Jesters, and Magicians have come together away from the big screen to bring Happy Ever After to one of the country's elite equestrian venues, Warren Farm, Formby. Showings start on 12th December 2016 through to 2nd January 2107 with special dedicated showings on 14th December and 2nd January for Autistic and Complex Needs guests.


This is the first time that this show has been put together on a live stage here in the UK and we have checked with the organisers and the Autism Friendly performance will include :


  • Reduced lighting
  • Reduced noise levels
  • Chill out room (in case of sensory overload / any anxieties)


There is use of masks (medieval) and weapons (ie. jousting poles) in the performance.  The organiser is happy to discuss adapting use of these if people consider they may upset some children.


For JAG families, we have been offered special pricing :



Adult : £28.00

Child (3 - 15) : £20.00



ASC child & one carer/parent (price for 2 people) : £23.00  (saving £25.00)

Additional same-family parent or relation over 15 years : £22.00 (saving £6.00)

Additional same-family non ASC sibling : £16.00 (saving £4.00)


In addition, all children attending the performance will get the opportunity after the show to meet the horses and the actors, ask any questions and get their programmes signed!


The organisers are really keen to ensure that children, young people and adults on the Autism Spectrum can enjoy the performance in an environment that suits their needs.


If you/your child loves horses and you would be interested in enjoying this specially adapted pantomine, please can you send an email to us at :

juniorautismgroup  (AT)  gmail.com  or  you can send a message via our Facebook page.


Whether you email or message via Facebook, please can you advise :


  • How many ASC child & parent/carer tickets you would like?
  • How many additional tickets required and who for (ie. adult or child under 15)?
  • Any questions about the event (that we can forward on to the organisers)?
  • Any particular concerns about potential issues for your child within the environment that we can address in advance?


In sending us an email or message, you are NOT committing to purchase any tickets at all, we just need to gauge interest and ensure we have addressed any issues with the organisers.


We are quite excited about this as it's an unusual event and we know that many children love horses. 


Please can you confirm your interest / let us have your feedback by Monday 31st October.



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