Your first JAG meeting...

Parents that have never been to a JAG meeting before, often have various questions about coming along for the first time.


If this is you - have a quick read below and then by all means, drop us an email or give us a call if you have further questions...

Do I need to let you know in advance that I'm coming along?

Yes please.

We never used to say yes to this but from October 2016, all families attending a JAG meeting will need to show their membership cards so it will make it easier and quicker for you when you arrive, if you let us know in advance that you are coming as we can then advise the staff on the entrance desk that you won't have a card and they will still allow you entry.  You can then come straight to our tables and find out more about JAG and complete your membership form there and then.  Just give us a call, drop us an email or send a text with your surname and child's age and name and we'll then make a note to expect you.


Can I complete a membership form before I turn up?

Yes you can.  This makes things a lot quicker especially as we are often very busy between 18.00 - 18.30 with new people coming in.  The membership form can be accessed and printed for completion by using the download below and then handed to us when you arrive.  Please remember to indicate which type of membership you require.


Is membership free?

Yes.  Although we do operate two levels of membership, one of which is free of charge and one costs £7.50 per year.  To find out the differences between the two types of membership, please click HERE.


Do I have to pay the admission fee for siblings of my ASC child(ren) to attend?

Yes.  If you were to bring any number of children (regardless of any conditions) to the play centre on a standard day, each child would be required to pay the full admission fee.  The small, heavily subsidised JAG entry fee per child and the raffle takiings are the only income we get so we consider it a small price to pay and as always - the more funds we raise means that we can do more for our children.



JAG Membership Form
Download, print and complete your membership form and bring it to the next meeting with you. Please ensure that you have read our Membership Policy before you sign the form.
JAG Membership Form.pdf
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